Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is an alphabetical collection of delicious foods and letters. This children’s book was inspired by vintage illustrations and Mid Century Modern design. I developed the full book and promotional materials to accompany it. Bon Apetit!

  • Publishing Illustration Branding

  • Student Work

An animated gif featuring the cover and spreads from an ABC book called Alphabet Soup. The cover features a can of alphabet soup and each spread has a letter and a coordinating food that starts with that letter
A white t-shirt with an illustration of tomato soup from the book, Alphabet Soup. An image of a flashcard box for Alphabet Soup with a spread of cards. featuring R is for Ramen, T is for Tomato Soup, W is for Waffles and A is for Alphabet Soup. A net for the flashcard box. The inside features a red and white checkered pattern and the outside shows the cover illustration of a can of alphabet soup and a checkered pattern on the sides of the box. A poster for Alphabet Soup, featuring the various letters and illustrations laid out in a checkered pattern.