Grande was born out of a new found love for hotel luggage labels. Once upon a time these beautiful pieces of design were used by hotels and applied to steamer trunks, suitcases and all sorts of luggage by bellhops. I designed Grande to be used for vintage or adventure inspired design. I developed upper and lowercase glyphs, numbers, punctuation and alternate glyphs to complete the glyph set. To showcase the font, I developed a fictional hotel brand, some of my own luggage labels and a fictional adventure based coffee brand.

  • Typography Branding Animation

  • School Work

A graphic featuring all the glyphs of the typeface Grande.
A photo of brand expressions of the fictional Hotel Darling, including stationery, a keycard, matches, a coaster and envelope. A tote bag with the Hotel Darling logo and the words "Since 1890, Bloomsbury London." An image of a bag of coffee from the fictional brand "Roam Coffee Co." The coffee bag features An animated gif of a hotel label for the Banff Springs Hotel, featuring a grainy texture and smoke rising behind the hotel. Two men on horses survey the hotel.