Oh Doughnuts

Oh Doughnuts is a beloved local Winnipeg doughnut shop, founded in 2014 with two operating locations. I chose to redesign the Oh Doughnuts brand to better reflect the friendly, homemade and playful feel of the brand. I incorporated simple, flexible illustrations into the brand identity with a touch of vintage flair. The final product is a unique brand that is different from other local coffee and doughnut shops in Winnipeg.

  • Branding Illustration Packaging

  • Student Work

An animated gif of a pigeon blinking and moving it's wing, while sitting in a doughnut. This project link leads to an Oh Doughnuts rebrand.
A redesigned Oh Doughnuts logo with "Winnipeg, Manitoba" in a circular path around the edge of the logo. The words Oh doughnuts are placed on an icing-like background with the word"Oh" emphasized and the type written in a hand rendered circle-based type. An image of four cards with doughnut names and prices. These cards would be displayed in a doughnut display. The types listed are vanilla sprinkles, lemon lavender, coconut cream and maple bacon. The type is on a circular path with the price below and the cards are colour coordinated based on vegan, regular and specialty doughnuts An image of a person holding out an Oh Doughnuts branded cup, featuring a pink background and blue illustrations of a man walking a dog with a doughnut on it's nose, a girl riding a doughnut bike and a pigeon sitting on a doughnut nest. An image of the front and back of an Oh Doughnuts rewards card. The front says "Oh Doughnut Club" with "Oh" on a flag graphic. The back has doughnut shapes with some stamped with an orange icing and sprinkle stamp. A mockup of bakery wax paper squares with a pattern, featuring the modular Oh Doughnuts logo and sprinkles. An iced coffee sitting on a table with the modular Oh Doughnuts logo on the front in white. A dot pattern goes around the bottom third of the cup. A hand holding a phone, featuring the Oh Doughnuts instagram feed. Two doughnut bag designs. The larger one is pink with red and green type and illustrations. The type content is an assortment of doughnut puns like "Glazed and Confused" and others. Illustrations include a man shovelling doughnuts, a pigeon in a doughnut nest, and a girl riding a doughnut bike. The small bag features the Oh Doughnuts logo in pink and blue on a white bag. An Oh Doughnuts box design with a storefront illustration on the front with doughnuts in trees and other whimsical illustrations. An illustration of the Oh Doughnuts storefront with a tree with doughnuts hanging from the branches, pigeons in doughnut nests, a girl on a doughnut bike and a man walking a dog with a doughnut on it's snout. The illustration is blue with a pink background.